Finding a therapist

Finding a therapistThese days, therapy isn’t what you see on television. Change doesn’t usually require years of analysis. For most people and most problems, the biggest benefits of therapy happen in the first few meetings.

You can still do it the old way, but not in our office. We enjoy watching people feel better, so we work with people who want to see change soon. Let’s talk about how to make that happen.

Counseling and therapy are about the things you’d like to change in your life: the things you’ve been trying to change, or just putting up with. Or sometimes you know you want a change but you can’t see exactly what change it has to be. That’s a great thing to change!

In our opinion (as well as current research) good therapy depends on the connection between you and your therapist, not on any technique. Finding a person you can work with is real important.

There are tens of thousands of licensed therapists in California, who are all different individuals. If you’ve seen one before and didn’t get the benefits you hoped for,

  • maybe you found a therapist who had answers for everything, but didn’t seem to hear the question?
  • maybe you found a therapist who knew more about psychology than about having a conversation?
  • maybe you found a therapist whose reassuring advice was too mothering and smothering for you?
  • maybe you saw a psychiatrist, not a therapist, and they only had time to write prescriptions?

Trying one therapist and giving up is like trying one show and deciding never to watch tv again.  It really isn’t an excuse to give up on yourself.

Notice what you liked and what you didn’t. Use that to find a counselor who suits you better. If you decide you want someone who treats you and your concerns with sincere respect and interest, and encourages you to run your own life, read on.

Our office is a place where – if you want to, when you want to, and just as much as you want to – you can take risks and allow yourself to think anything and say anything. Your privacy is guaranteed by law and your respectful treatment is guaranteed by who we are. People tell us they’ve been able to say things here they had never said aloud before. Sharing things with someone friendly, sincerely interested and unafraid gives you safety and support.

People also find themselves saying things in our office that they didn’t know they knew. Our talent is in gently asking the questions that can guide you into that new space where discovery happens.

Obviously, therapy is one of those things you have to find out about for yourself. Reading this web site is like reading a site about how to ride a bike, have a massage, or fall in love. Why not stop reading right now and call or email, so you can try it?  Whatever happens here will tell you something about yourself you didn’t know before.

We like that!