Who we are

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What we do

McGarvas-1Monica works with trauma and anxiety, and offers clinical hypnosis.

Maybe you’re trying to identify your life’s work, or you’ve hit a roadblock in making it happen? We offer career counseling, and David works with motivation, and obstacles like writer’s block.

As a team we offer two-on-two coaching to motivated couples.

Where and when

When you’ve decided you want to talk to someone, you’ll find our office in Woodland Hills is a place to relax and speak your mind. But it’s also a place to go to work on changing things. How soon do you want to start that?

Our office in Woodland HillsThe work begins when you fill out the contact form. One of us responds promptly and professionally. After talking with us, if you still think this could be a comfortable place for you, some available appointment times in the next couple of days are: early afternoon times today (Friday, November 21st), and then Monday morning, including early morning.

So if you’re thinking about seeing a therapist soon, let us know.

It’s late in the day now. Go ahead and contact us, but let us know the earliest time it would be ok to call you in the morning.
Here are some of our openings in the next couple of days:

Day Open appointments
Friday, November 21st early afternoon
Monday morning, including early times

One suggestion: your morning workout!

am workout

Make your therapy appointment part of your morning.

Stop by before or after your walk, jog, yoga…

or on your way to work or school!

Appointments now open from 7 AM Mondays or Tuesdays

They’ll fill up fast, so get in touch now!

Why wait?  Call (818) 835-2514 (day or night, and if you get the voicemail, use it), email info@mcgarvas.com or use our appointment request form right now. We’re looking forward to speaking with you!